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Information about treatments offered at Lower House Equine Clinic


Mesotherapy is the application of injecting substances through a series of multiple micro injections into the mesoderm layer within the skin. This can help reduce pain and remove muscle spasm in that area.
In horses it is generally used to help manage back and neck pain.
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Stem Cell

Here at Lower House Equine Clinic we are able to offer the regenerative therapy of using mesenchymal stem cells. This is generally used for the treatment of some tendon and ligament injuries. Bone marrow is taken from the horse’s sternum (breast bone) or hip bone, using standing sedation and local anaesthetic. This is a safe well tolerated procedure for the horse. This sample of bone marrow is then sent off to a laboratory to harvest and ‘grow’ the correct type of stem cells.
After a few weeks stem cells are then returned to us where they can be injected back into the horse’s tendon or ligament often under ultrasound guidance.
Stem cell therapy is classed as a regenerative therapy that has been shown to reduce the re-injury of superficial flexor tendon injuries in racehorses by 50%.

Platelet Rich Plasma PRP

PRP is used to treat conditions in tendons, ligaments and joints of horses. It is classed as a regenerative therapy. Blood is taken from the horse, and passed through a special filter, the filter is then back washed with a special harvest solution to collect a concentrated plasma solution containing lots of platelets. This can then be injected back into a horse’s tendon, ligament or joint to help with the healing of that area.


IRAP is classed as a regenerative therapy and can also be known as ACS (autologous conditioned serum).
Blood is taken in a special syringe from the horse. This syringe contains coated glass beads. This is then incubated for 24hrs at 370C. After this time it is centrifuged and the modified serum is collected. This can then be used immediately or stored for up to 11 months in the freezer.
The modified plasma can be injected into joints and ligaments to help reduce inflammation and promote healing.

Shockwave Therapy

Shockwave therapy was first developed and used in human medicine, and was then used to treat orthopaedic conditions such as tennis elbow and Achilles tendon problems.
In horses it is mainly used to treat ligament conditions, sore backs and sacroiliac pain. A special hand piece is applied to the horses’ skin in the injured area, which delivers a shock wave or compression wave towards the affected tissue. The series of shock waves promotes healing by promoting angiogenesis (the formation of new blood vessels and extra blood flow). It also removes pain from chronic ligament conditions thought to be by blocking substance P within pain fibres which is a key substance to transmit pain.