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We are able to offer a wide-range of standing surgery treatments at Lower House Equine Clinic.

Back Surgery (Kissing Spine Surgery)

This type of surgery is most often carried out under standing sedation and local anaesthetic, providing safer conditions for the horse. Here at Lower House Equine Clinic we are able to offer three different surgical techniques including inter-spinous ligament desmotomy, cranial wedge osteotomy and subtotal osteotomy. Each case is assessed on a case by case basis and sometimes a combination of techniques may be suggested.

Standing Castrations

Routine castration of colts can be performed at your home stables, or if you prefer can be performed here at the clinic as a day patient procedure. For more information please see our Colt castration fact sheet in our advice section.

Laser Surgery

Laser surgery is available at Lower House Equine Clinic. This can be performed under standing sedation. It is used to surgical treat and remove melanomas and sarcoid. It is also used to treat a variety of airway conditions and perform operations such as’ laser hobdays’.

Other Standing Surgery

Nowadays more and more surgeries are carried out as standing surgery procedures, this includes enucleation (eye removal), third eyelid removal, lump removal, sinus surgery, tooth removal and even fracture repair. Carrying these out under standing conditions using sedation, pain killers and local anaesthetic avoids the risks of a general anaesthetic which may be safer for the horse.