A rare and interesting surgical case – Polydactyly Foal

Polydactyly Foal


A 7-week-old filly cob foal presented to Lower House Equine Clinic for surgery of an extremely rare condition – polydactyly. This is where an extra ‘digit’ forms as the foal develops as a foetus within the uterus.

X-Rays were taken first of all to determine from where the extra digit started from. The -rays showed that the digit originated from the carpus (knee). The foal’s inside splint bone (second metacarpal bone) had fully developed into an equine digit, containing all of the structures normally visible on an equine x-ray: cannon bone, proximal sesamoid bones, fetlock joint, pastern joint, pastern bones, pedal bone and navicular bone.

Surgery was carried out under general anaesthetic to remove the extra digit. Simon had to cut the second metacarpal bone (new cannon bone) and then separate all of the structures away. During the surgery he found that the new digit had all of the normal structures found in the equine digit, including superficial digital flexor tendon, deep digital flexor tendon, suspensory ligament, tendon sheath, manica flexoria, all associated joints, and all blood vessels and nerves. It was a complicated surgery to separate out all of these structures and leave the correct structures in place for the foal’s remaining functional limb.

Once surgery had been performed, the skin was stitched up and a bandage was placed on the leg.

The foal has since returned home, the wound has healed, and it is living a normal life in the field with its mum.


We are winners! LHEC Wins Shropshire Best New Business Award


We are pleased to announce that following a very tense awards ceromany, we were announced the winners as Shropshire Chambers Best New Small Business 2018.

Firstly we were finalists in our category, which then put us forward for judging. We were visiting by three judges, who wanted to view the clinic, meet the team and discuss what we have achieved. They were really impressed with our setup and the work we carry out.

Next we were visited by a film crew from 7video, who produced a short clip showcasing what we do, which also featured one of our more famous clients, Geoff Billington!

The next few weeks, were an agonising wait whilst the panel made their decision, which was to be announced on the night of the awards dinner

The whole team are delighted with this achievement, and enjoyed a fantastic night celebrating at Telford international Centre. We are very proud to have achieved this, its a great recognition for lots of hard work.

Well done team LHEC!

Vetting the Vetting – A live Demo Saturday 3rd March 2018

LHEC Teams up with World Champion Farrier Jim Blurton and Olympic Show Jumper Geoff Billington to showcase several horses, vetting a vetting!

You are invited to join us for this demo, which will be an afternoon of viewing horses and assessing their conformation, temperament, feet, and suitability. Places are strictly limited and places must be booked by calling 01691 830444 or emailing


LHEC Welcomes Susan Burgoyne to our Administration team

We are delighted to welcome to Susan to our team at LHEC. Over the last six months the clinic has become progressively busier, with the addition of our new surgical facilities and increase in veterinary work. This has meant that we needed further support staff in the team, and after a tough decision following lots of applicants we welcomed Susan aboard!

Susan has previously worked the the NHS, runs her own family ivory yard and enjoys travelling and baking. Susan will many be concentrating on our accounting work, but will some become a familiar voice on the end of phone.

LHEC Nominated for Petplan Practice Of The Year!

We are delighted to have been nominated for Petplan practice of the year. It is a a real honour to have received this nomination in our first year of business and we are incredibly grateful to all who voted.

To help us try and win the title we need more votes, you can vote for the clinic or if you have been impressed by a particular member of our team (vets, nurses or our administration team) you can visit to make a nomination

A great big thank you from the whole team at Lower House Equine Clinic