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Health Plan


An easy way to spread the cost of your horses required annual treatment

Our LHEC Healthy Horse Plan is an easy way to spread the cost of your horses required annual treatment, into 12 monthly smaller payments.

Our equine health plan has been designed to provide preventative veterinary treatment to your horse, whilst giving you the peace of mind that you have everything covered.

We understand that horses can be costly, but feel that our monthly plan means more horses will be able to access the correct care without putting a nancial strain on the owner.

The plan includes vaccinations, annual dental examination and treatment and quarterly worm egg counts. Whilst our vet is carrying out your horses’ vaccination, we will also give your horse a health check and soundness examination. As well as this we will provide a worming program, which includes a wall planner and related literature plus one free wormer as recommended for your individual horse.

For times when things aren’t so routine, we offer a discount on in house blood tests, long term medications and surgery.

To keep your horse in tip top condition, you will also be entitled to a discount on our Elite Veterinary Supplement Range.

LHEC Healthy Horse Plan Includes:

  • Annual Vaccination
  • Annual Health Check
  • Annual Trot up
  • Annual Dental Examination and treatment (to include sedation)
  • 4 x Worm Egg Counts
  • Worming Program
  • 1 Free Wormer
    to include Tapeworm
  • 10% Discount: In House BloodTests
  • 10% Discount: Long term medications
  • 10% Discount: Surgery
  • 10% Discount: LHEC Elite Veterinary Range

Cost: £11.00 Per Month  – Saving of over £55 per year

If you would like to sign up to our plan, please call the of ce on 01691 830444 to discuss further