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The latest diagnostic technology available for your horse


Here at Lower House Equine Clinic we strive to maintain modern imaging systems that are always available for us to visit your horse at your own yard or within our clinic.

Digital Radiography

Our modern digital system allows us to X-ray your horse at your yard or at our clinic. X-rays are produced immediately on the screen, allowing prompt, accurate diagnosis. This type of system is ideal for taking pre-purchase X-rays, radiography of the feet for laminitis and foot balance for farriery, as well as being able to X-ray most areas of the horse. Digital copies of the X-rays can be easily sent to farriers, insurance companies and other veterinary practices where appropriate.


We have a modern ultrasound scanner that enables us to scan tendons, ligaments, muscles, eyes, bladders, abdomens, chests, reproductive tracts, joints, necks and find foreign bodies as well as an aid in ultrasound guided procedures. The machine is fully portable and images are stored in a digital format.


A flexible digital video endoscope can be used to assess your horse’s respiratory tract, urinary tract, reproductive tract, stomach and sinuses. A live high quality image is produced on the screen allowing real time views of the area. This equipment is fully mobile allowing these procedures to be carried out on your yard.

Overground (dynamic) endoscopy

A special endoscope is inserted and maintained within the nasal area of the horse. Equipment is placed underneath the saddle area, and the horse can be worked normally with this equipment in place. Dynamic endoscopy enables us to view your horse’s upper respiratory tract whilst the horse is exercising. This can help reveal underlying problems in the respiratory tract that may be affecting performance or health.


Here an endoscope can be passed into your horse’s stomach to show the lining of the stomach, oesphagus and first part of the small intestine. One of the most commonly diagnosed conditions we see from gastroscopy is EGUS (Equine Gastric Ulceration Syndrome), for more information on this please see our EGUS fact sheet in our advice section.