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Dental clinic leads to dressage success

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Dental clinic leads to dressage success

Dental clinic leads to dressage success

Despite the horrendous weather, we had a brilliant day treating horses on our monthly dental clinic

9 horses were seen this included 7 advanced cases, 14 dental x-rays taken, 4 extractions, many diastemata flushes, gallons of coffee consumed and a huge amount of work!

Each horse also received a thorough dental examination with a dental endoscope enabling us to detect many things including displaced teeth, multiple diastema, infundibular caries, peripheral caries, dysplastic teeth, fractured teeth as well as equine odontoclastic tooth resorption and hypercementosis (EOTRH) 

Well done to our super dental team, Simon, Geraint and Cassie pictured below with our last horse of the day

We have had some great feedback on the services we provided on the day and the results on the work carried out on our patients. Two owners reported that they had received their best dressage score since

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